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San Angelo lyrics


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     San Angelo
    >> Marty Robbins
        North of the border of Old Mexico
    I rode one day to the cowtown of San Angelo
    A hot sun was glowing, a hot breeze was blowing
    Still not as warm as the lips that I waited to kiss
    She sent a message a long time ago
    Secora had promised to meet me in San Angelo
    I was aware of the chance I was taking
    I was an outlaw but great was my love for this girl
    I must be with her I can't stay away
    Nights spent without her are lonely and so are the days
    If it means death then I'll have to chance it
    Only a few minutes more and she'll be at my side
    At ten o' clock in the morning
    I tied my horse and I started to walk down the street
    Where was Secora, had she forgotten
    This was the day and the hour that she wanted to meet
    But something is wrong with our plans and I fear death awaits me
    Here on this hot dusty street.
    Up on a housetop but still I can see
    There hides a man with a rifle, it's pointed at me
    I might escape from the man with a rifle
    But there are others just like him that I cannot see
    Back of each window the click of a gun
    Die if I stay and my love for her won't let me run
    Where is Secora, will my eyes see her
    Then in a moment she runs from a door down the street
    "Up on your horse", she is crying
    "Ride out of town it's a trap and they're waiting for you"
    But if I ride out, she must ride with me
    Then in a moment I know that our chances are gone
    For a bullet is well on its way and it finds my Secora
    She cries as she falls in my arms
    Over and over her soft lips did say
    "Now we're together, I won't let them take you away"
    one little sigh, her little lips tremble
    Then it was over, Secora had drifted away
    Tears dim my vision but plainly I see
    The ranger that killed her is standing there waiting for me
    I rise to meet him, my one thought it beat him
    He deserves death and I swear that this ranger will die
    I beat his draw and I shot him
    Shot him six times just as fast as the bullets could fly
    My gun is empty or more I would shoot him
    Now there are others just like him that want me to die
    Their bullets are coming my way, how they hurt when they hit me
    The pain makes me fall to the ground.
    Gone is my strength, just the will left to fight
    I hear the sound of the lead as it robs me of life
    If I must die, let me find Secora
    Let me hold on to her hand for the few moments left
    Blindly I search and it isn't in vain
    I touch the soft velvet hand and it eases the pain
    Life is no more but we're together
    Even in death she's my lover, it's over, goodbye
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